Being 46,XX

The only difference between a male and a female is a Chromosome . A female has two X chromosome and A male has one X and one Y chromosome . The difference the similarity between two individuals is how the 4 nucleotide bases “A” , “T” , “G” , “C” are organised . We are nothing just a combination of four molecules . It may appear a simple design making various combinations of four molecules but the picture is so huge . A Chromosome , when we consider appears a small entity but has such a huge impact . The Master builder , all the forces of nature work in synchronization to make us what we are today .

We are a lot of what we want ourselves to be . An individual told to design two rooms will put all his input in building the two rooms , he will not be biased towards any room, he will try to make the two as similar as possible . The Master builder has made us all equals . The course of evolution the social structure has made us realize the difference , the difference of one chromosome . Continue reading “Being 46,XX”


She woke up to the sounds of birds chirping as the sun lit her face making her sparkle like a pious soul from worlds above . It was one of the most beautiful mornings of her life , maybe because she had accepted the facts as her destiny . “Anuradha , I am leaving for work” her mother yelled from a distance .

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Crazy Genes does Art

So it’s the time of the year when the semester is about to end and all I have in my mind is studying . I can rant about the formulas and derivations of Quantitative Genetics and that won’t make much sense to all . So are a few of my artworks I could collect at the moment . I hope you like it . Drawing , painting and sketching give me tranquility .

I have the energy to start but sometimes I am not able to complete them , so here is lightly shaded Buddha , sometimes I find it complete and sometimes I find it incomplete , what do you think?

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dsdegHie everyone ,

I am nominated for “Blogger Recognition Award” , and this beautiful lady Marlene from Fabulous Fusions ( has bestowed this honor to me and I am so excited ( like soooooo much ) .Oh I had to suppress this feeling for a week ( Minor Exams ) . I never thought I would get a recognition , I never even thought anyone would read my blog . Most of my blogs display what an over thinker I am . I just came here and started to write , I know sometimes my opinions can come out strong , but I love to hear what you have to say about . Interaction is what I crave for . I would love any form of criticism anything that helps me improve . I can be impulsive sometimes ( most of the times , but I don’t get to post immediately so its “sometimes” ) , so if anything I say that you don’t agree with please tell me so that I get a new vision on the same . My biggest pet peeve is making grammatical mistakes (that I always do ) , starting my sentences with “but” and writing I like “i” . Please correct me if you find mistakes in my posts .I was never serious about blogging but after the response I get from the comments it has made me realize how much I love it . This award has empowered me .

How I started this blog.

I think I’ve always felt a need to write and I feel I express myself better . I tried setting up this blog in 2013 as a Facebook page , what a fail it was 😀 . Breaking it down I started my blog when I got my first ever laptop . Since I had quit social media for a long time and I got this electronic device to myself just to prevent myself from falling into that loop and concentrating my energy to something I love doing was the reason I started it . I just get these sudden impulses where I keep thinking over and over about something and how I feel about it for eg. “Take Care” it was just something piling up in my head and making such posts like help me clear the glitches in my Universe . I feel so relieved after sharing a blog as if a weight is lifted off . Other posts are mostly to myself something that I want to hear from someone else , so instead I write them and read them myself , God all this is hilariously sad.

My advice to new Bloggers.

I seriously have no idea how I do this till date , but one thing I surely know is post what you really feel about , your true emotions . Just hold up being impulsive let your opinions settle in for a day or so . Don’t bother yourself with likes , follows and visits you will eventually get your recognition , just be yourself . Interaction is also important , sometimes other bloggers give you a lot of inspiration . Mostly just enjoy yourself it’s your blog .

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I am really thankful to Marlene not just for the recognition but also how interactive she is with the other bloggers . Thanks a lot for my first ever nomination !


Take Care

Most of the time when I am walking through the University , I am walking in my own zone, thinking about my notes , making sure I walk between tiles , my time table and so many other things . Then suddenly some girl just calls out my name , I don’t remember her name but I know the familiar small talk we are going to have . First: Exclamatory hi! . Second: How is it going/ internship question/ wow you are about to graduate questions . Then it’s time to say goodbye and then we both say “Take Care” . These three questions are programmed in my subconscious mind , just to prove myself a human . After the goodbye I am confused for a moment giving a name to the individual I just met . Small talk is not the issue , the thing is we are saying words not knowing their meanings . Even knowing the meaning we are using them recklessly rendering them without meaning progressively . Continue reading “Take Care”

Unfair but Lovely

As an Indian , I have always had aunties , grannies , sisters and friends telling me not to play in the sun . Even some guys wouldn’t come out to play , but being the stubborn kid I was I never ceased . I am a product of a Dark chocolate dad and White chocolate mother hence a Milk chocolate . I was always happy with what I had , even if I would have been I do not remember . So I have crossed level 22 and I never had such issues . Something happened a few days back that enraged me , Our domestic help a lady that I respect so much , one of the most smartest women I have come across . She would have mad a great engineer , If given proper education . So she tells me about some news going around in her area about a cream that will make you fair instantly , not the first time though she asked for a fairness cream to a neighbor who lives abroad . Continue reading “Unfair but Lovely”


I was an active social media user a few years back , I do use it now but to a very limited extent . Why I limited it to a certain level deals with how I used it before . Looking back it appears so embarrassing , but growing is a process , maybe a few months later I will find my blogs idiotic . Right now I find them cheesy . Just like studying the importance of a particular sequence in the DNA , sometimes it’s mutated or deleted or made non-functional . I deleted the place of social media from my life . It was an eye opener , here are a few things I derived from this detox Continue reading “NETWORK”


We all know all the usual chatter about dolls . especially when it’s a barbie doll . Barbie dolls are right at this time being debated to giving unhealthy obsessions to girls which is a little true to some extent . So here is my Barbie story from times when people would not get offended easily . Continue reading “PINK”