We all know all the usual chatter about dolls . especially when it’s a barbie doll . Barbie dolls are right at this time being debated to giving unhealthy obsessions to girls which is a little true to some extent . So here is my Barbie story from times when people would not get offended easily .

So being a 90’s child when globalization did not touch our Indian roots Barbie doll was something only a rich kid could dream . Watching commercials on Cartoon Network which was not CN by then was like something I could only dream of owning .

So all the buzz started when a cousin of mine got a gift from Santa yes our chubby uncle from the North Pole got her a Barbie . Me and my brother we used to hang our socks religiously every Christmas and hope for Santa to show some consideration , and appreciate us for finishing vegetables on our plate . Somewhere we knew .That was the coolest thing I thought could happen to someone . We all knew that it was her father . It’s basic logic we were brown and Santa wold not come to India because it’s ย really hot here and moreover our parents are crude , they do not want us to dream about material things . My parents were really simple and no sugar coating . If we do not have something we do not have it there is no in between . I do not remember having all the toys I wanted but I had all that I needed . So we knew our brown uncle with a government job got our cousin a Barbie . She enjoyed a special status though in our league of cousins . So yes I loved it and my parents were totally clear about how I was obsessed with it . I had dolls but they were those huge and chunky dolls , the ones if you turned them horizontally would close up their eyes and open up when held vertically , quite an intelligent idea as it mimics laying down and closing their eyes . The weird part though was sometimes one eye would not respond to gravity and your doll looked one eyed , that is not the look of a doll you would put to bed but , a doll that would hide under your bed and make your nightmares come true . Another thing I was not happy about was the way the hair were weaved . It was just enough hair to tell it was a dolls head , like a thin layer in the forehead and at the base of the neck and a row at the center parting . I remember how they were placed in the display in neat ponytails so that you feel this doll has good hair . I could not braid those hairs efficiently enough to not make my doll look like she has bald patches , it was embarrassing. So I was happy with my dolls though , making neat jumpers for them , I would knit caps catering to the changing weather .

So one day I guess I was in second grade and my friend came to my house after school for a days stay . So we had the best time , and she was looking at my dolls maybe I had 3-4 of those dolls and I had cut one of my dolls hair , it was a bald doll that was the victim of my hairdressing ordeals . I was proud of her though , it was the guy doll , I would call it that because it made me accept him or her better . So we had a fun time .(this will all make sense later ) .

Sometime later it was that dreaded summer time when we had 9-10 hours of power cuts which were unannounced and sometimes if our transformer blew up it would be days . We still have power cuts on Mondays but now we have backup power so it’s good . One such day my dad comes home with this cardboard box a rectangular one . Me and my dad we had our own guessing same , my dad would come at night with a small package and tell me to guess what it is , it was the best thing of my day sometimes I would get treats or other little things which would make my heart melt . So my dad is standing with that rectangular box and asking me to guess what it is , guess what I say “It’s a Barbie doll” . Well “drum rolls” it was not , it was a box of candles . It’s funny how my dad pranked me but when I think of my answer I get a lump in my throat . Maybe it made him feel guilty about not being able to get that one Doll for me . Remembering how my dad would come home at night all tired and we would run towards him and all his tiredness vanished . That answer did not acknowledge all things he would get for us , all the times we never said we needed something and we would get it . Till today we know our places and know what to ask for and get it there is no in between . They gave a lot of time to us , which my cousins and friends never had the privilege to . My dad as usual would not loose his game , and will never stop his practical jokes .

I had grown up enough in a little time to realize it was not something I needed . It was a plastic doll after all my 8 year old mind knew that . When ever I had to go a friends birthday party me and my dad would go pick up a Barbie , because my dad wanted me to fit in so that I am not looked down upon my well to do friends . He would always ensure that I took something respectable , I was happy about it but a little jealous too , but I never nagged my parents about it . It was good times , I got to attend the parties and see what all money can get , back at home I would wait for my father to thank him for letting me go , he never replied to it but asked me to go to sleep so that I get up on time the other day .

A few years later I was in 5th grade and went to my friends house the same friend who came to my house in 2nd grade . This girl was my best friend and she had the coolest barbies I had ever seen . She had a teacher Barbie which came with a small green board to write upon and little chalks and a small duster which was so cool it still is though . She had around 6-8 dolls but my other friend had more than that so I was not intrigued , but whatever dolls she had were the coolest I remember the other one was an American one with blond hair and brunette highlights and the braids looked so beautiful on this one . Then I saw something which made me question her , She had the same guy doll like I had , she cut the hair off of one of her Barbie’s . I asked her and she said when I saw your doll I came back home and did the same with my doll .She had honored her doll to a proper masculine status with shirt and pajama’s . I was so offended at how could someone have the nerve to bring a scissor around their Barbie , that doll is a Ferrari and you decide to scratch it and create art on it , that doll is already a masterpiece no scissor has the privilege to touch those blond hair . I remember going home with a sad face and telling my mom what sin my best friend of years had done , and she laughed and told me ” at least you started the trend” and then I broke out laughing .

11 thoughts on “PINK

  1. I burst out laughing at your description of the doll with one eye that would not close. I had one of those, too, when I was a kid!

    The way you’ve written your memories is thoroughly enchanting. Thank you for this. ๐Ÿ™‚

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      1. In terms of LOVE. Sighs! anyway! Always make yourself RESERVE.. who knows! in the middle of nowhere there's someone out there who truely DESERVES your love more than who left you. let her realize that its not your LOhT.heheheSehehe. LOVE is not about changing each other to better. its all about accepting the insecurities and imperfections while building a good foundation and grow up TOGETHER.the worst part of life is WAITING. but the best part of LIFE is having someone WORTH waiting FOR.CHILLAX

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