She woke up to the sounds of birds chirping as the sun lit her face making her sparkle like a pious soul from worlds above . It was one of the most beautiful mornings of her life , maybe because she had accepted the facts as her destiny . “Anuradha , I am leaving for work” her mother yelled from a distance .

“Bye Ma” she mumbled subconsciously as she was reflecting upon her life and how things had ascended in the past six months . How time changes or maybe how we change according to time . She remembered the time she solved a grade 6 maths problem being in the 5th grade and her teacher snatched her notebook and rushed to the staff room . She went home in confusion .”She is an exceptional student ” her teacher said to her mother “considering the fact that she aced all her examinations represented her school’s debate team , quiz team and has always brought laurels to our school , we feel we are not able to provide enough challenges to her considering the condition of our school” . Her mother was confused what it meant and gathered the courage to ask “What Ma’am” . “She needs a better place to study , given the potential she has she will make a great Engineer one day” . Her mother din’t knew what an Engineer was neither did she , but it sounded respectable .” Principle Sir ,  is ready to sign an application for her scholarship ” . “Scholarship” her mother mumbled in confusion , ” Yes Mam, we all feel she will get better opportunities in a Convent school”. She attended another school in grade 6 , with the determination of becoming an Engineer , she still din’t knew the meaning but it sounded like a plan . A single tear went down her cheek like the last precious drop left in the ocean as she looked at the ring on her finger . It was 30 days to her marriage , the ring had a heavy weight on her heart , it felt like she was owned by someone else like she had lost control over her own life , but today she felt different . She felt like things were about to change , like there was a ray of hope left .

Today she was meeting Shyam her fiance , her stomach churned just as it did when she was told she had to marry a complete stranger , just as when Shyam was putting the ring on her finger and just as it did when Bindiya suggested the idea of her and Shyam meeting . She knew it was forbidden for a the couple to meet before marriage . She was mustering the courage since one week , she couldn’t turn back given the fact that Shyam had agreed and how notorious Bindiya was in convincing her . She brushed it aside and went to the kitchen .

I hope you all might be having an awesome week . So I decided to write a story , and being the serial offender of word limits that I am , I will write it in parts . Hope you like it .

Smile Bright .

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