Crazy Genes does Art

So it’s the time of the year when the semester is about to end and all I have in my mind is studying . I can rant about the formulas and derivations of Quantitative Genetics and that won’t make much sense to all . So are a few of my artworks I could collect at the moment . I hope you like it . Drawing , painting and sketching give me tranquility .

I have the energy to start but sometimes I am not able to complete them , so here is lightly shaded Buddha , sometimes I find it complete and sometimes I find it incomplete , what do you think?


I made these feathers and sea shell using the Crayons and sketch pens and coloured ball pens . I am so fascinated about these two things . I never got to go to a beach but the shells I have seen are so beautiful and so rhythmic in shape . All I want sometimes is sea shells and some time to see them .20170502_212856.jpg

This is my most favorite artwork . I made it on a pillow case for my brother . Horses are the animals that signify freedom and strength to me . We all need to be free spirited . I am more satisfied with the basic drawing than the final result.20150221-0014.jpeg20150221-001620150221-0015.jpeg20150222-0001.jpeg20150223-0001.jpeg

This is the Image I have on my blog . I made it using acrylic paint, sequins and my nail paint with stars and glitter . It’s DNA on top and some political party’s promotion underneath . Some one has to recycle πŸ˜€ . Looks better from far away πŸ˜€IMG_0745.JPG

Please share your views about my hobby . It’s sad that I don’t paint that frequently because internet gives me more entertainment is lesser minutes . I will paint more during the holidays . If these were bearable I will post more .

Have an awesome week πŸ˜€

42 thoughts on “Crazy Genes does Art

  1. Your Buddha is absolutely perfect.

    I hope you get to visit the sea shore. The experience of wandering absorbed along the beach, marveling at the little works of art lying tossed up on the strand, the rhythmic roar of the ocean your music, is such tranquility.

    Your horse is fantastic! I love seeing the stages of its development.

    And your DNA thing is so cool! The multimedia really works. I’ve been admiring it, had no idea you made it yourself! The nail lacquer works really well, doesn’t it? I’ve been experimenting with using it for different things, but nothing so creative as you’ve done here. Viva art!

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  2. Your artwork is creative and quite beautiful. If you enjoy the effort, I wouldn’t worry too much if the blogging world has various opinions. Anything that brings joy and happiness to our lives should be shared with others. Thank you for taking the time to share your work with us.

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  3. My God!!!! Ek aadmi mein itne talents??
    Yaar wo first wali Buddha ki pic bahot sahi hai…….
    Mai tera hai re jabra hai re jabra fan ho gya πŸ˜…πŸ˜…πŸ˜…

    Btw kaise ho???

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