I was an active social media user a few years back , I do use it now but to a very limited extent . Why I limited it to a certain level deals with how I used it before . Looking back it appears so embarrassing , but growing is a process , maybe a few months later I will find my blogs idiotic . Right now I find them cheesy . Just like studying the importance of a particular sequence in the DNA , sometimes it’s mutated or deleted or made non-functional . I deleted the place of social media from my life . It was an eye opener , here are a few things I derived from this detox

  • It’s better to know yourself first than getting to know people , you are in search of people and friends who will take you out of your miseries and pains .In reality you are rushing towards denial of what you have made out of your life . Just like playing loud music to dim the background noise . I was naive and had no experience but it doesn’t cancels out other possibilities .
  • It’s important to realize what type of relations you want in life , many fake ones or few real ones . Maybe the people like the face you put on every time you meet them but are unaware of your inner turmoil , such relationships are made to end .
  • A man is known for a company he keeps , for all the extremists out there a Homo sapien  is known for the company they keep . First you want to be liked if you are then great , if you are not you will find what people like and try becoming that person and not everybody wants the best in you . That will numb a lot of inner sounds you hear making you someone else.
  • I have a time in a day where I sit back and analyse my day . Sometimes I am doing something and I am having anxiety about something,  as if something is not right . That is when I know it’s time to sit back and find the root cause of this disturbance . Once I know I talk myself out of it and find ways to solve it . When I was deep into social media I din’t get this time , this voice was suppressed and it was building up leading to breakdown’s . People expect you to be happy , you are not . It doesn’t mean there is something wrong with you , you are only human . Being sad and stressed is okay we have our own thresholds, each human has different thresholds .
  • I do not smile much these days , I find it more of a social obligation .When I am happy it’s a different feeling I need no smile to prove that . The person in whose company you find yourself smiling and it requires effort , you need to analyse your relationship.
  • It’s not the fault of social media , but once you start listening to yourself you won’t find a better friend than yourself . Doesn’t means there are no good people. Value yourself first you will never need to prove your worth to others.
  • People come in all varieties doesn’t means you have to carry them all along .

With all this analysis I feel I will be able to return to expanding my modes of communication. Is it me or does  everyone treat themselves as a specimen to a psychological experiment , being to overly critical sometimes .

33 thoughts on “NETWORK

  1. As a physician with past patients who believed that genetics controlled their destiny, it will be nice to read your thoughts on the subject. It is my opinion that genetics certainly impact one’s life, however, genetic expression can be influenced through behavior and lifestyle choices.

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  2. Life is a process and we all have things that confound us on our journeys through it. It sounds like you are taking the time to work on yourself and to consider who you are or who you want to be. All good. I wish you the best.

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      1. I merely wanted to let you know how much my partner and i appreciate anything yo;8u&217#ve shared to help improve the lives of an individual in this subject material. Through your current articles, I have gone via just a novice to an expert in the area. It truly is truly a honor to your good work. Thanks

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