7 things

Little things that can make a difference in your day .

#Thank : I was in fourth grade and a teacher whose name and face I still remember told us to take a moment everyday and thank god for the previous day you had and pray to have a good day,and I have been following it religiously till date when I wake up I say this prayer.

#Make someone you love happy: Sometimes people you love , their smile puts everything straight . Do something cook your mom a meal it works for me, mom’s happiness is directly proportional to mine Continue reading “7 things”

Top of my list

I started reading novels in fifth grade Nancy Drew. I read the whole set we had in our school library and then read some other writers and when I was in tenth grade I got this novel Long road home by Danielle Steel . It was one of the few things that made me cry , I am not the one who shed tears easily .

My friends suggest me writers and I read them and yes I didn’t felt them and they end up thinking I am some sort of emotionless alien .The point here is why I love Danielle Steel and have a hard time accepting other novelists.

They are love stories like other novelists write but better.

The women are in love but it is not the only thing they have in their life all the women are at a good spot in their professional front and sometimes the best . Why that appeals to me because, not all lives are driven by love for another person , you need to have a life weather you have some one to love you are not . The women are great professionals and love their work . This inspires me because we are in a time where women are discovering their identities as professionals , I can say at least 10 years back not all women could step out of their homes to do work which gives them financial independence or any sort of independence at least in India, and it makes me angry and disgusted to some extent when women are projected as fairies, innocent and vulnerable and classified to only have a love story and have no life other than that . Like this women died in the novel and people will remember of how she loved why not ,why not the women dies and people respect her for what a flare she had on work besides her love story .

Reading Danielle Steel the women are innocent they cry for if their husband betrayed them or whatever the reason but they are fighters who do not indulge in self pity . Intense love stories but keeping the women so strong it inspires me to have a professional career where I have to work incessantly to get to the top . You will wonder how can I derive such inspiration from a love story , well you have to read Danielle Steel .

Large estates, Ranches and detailed description , you do not realize but the whole area is embedded in your mind, and you simply forget time while reading and no matter how many times I read the same book it seems fresh .