Fiction and Dreams

It’s 9:53 am and I just couldn’t stop but tell you my craziest dream . Well I slept at 4:30 am since I googled conspiracy theories not a very great idea now I have realized .My brain is already filled up with Hollywood’s idea of an apocalypse and to add to it conspiracy theories . Congratulate me as I am on level 90 of messing with my Circadian rhythm and so far I am unbeatable . Continue reading “Fiction and Dreams”

Baby Steps

There are days I just don’t want to get up . I feel I cannot handle anything . This blog I wanted it to be my sanctuary , a place where I could be positive ,but on such days  I just hate to read my own words . I feel I cannot pick myself up to be that positive and write the words . This is to my future self when I fall into that zone .

This year I have tried to get out of places . I am blogging here which was one of the things on my bucket list . Continue reading “Baby Steps”

Things that make you an Indian


  1. You wake up to your parents blaring Bhajan 7 am. in the morning
  2. After 8 am. your father disappears behind newspapers and then you can hear corrupt! corruption! at a ten seconds interval . If you approach your father for money during this time it all will end to you nodding your head to his opinion about politics.
  3. If you are a Punjabi butter cannot miss out on your plate. Your mom is never satisfied that you have had enough
  4. Your T.V. remote is covered in bubble wrap or some sort of plastic sheet.
  5. Your mom cannot tolerate a slipper lying around . I wonder who has spread this viral information about slippers lying around cause negativity in house.
  6. You know how to recycle. You drink water out of bottles of coca cola or other soft drinks lying around. A jar of cookies will never have cookies. All poly bags that ever entered your land will be stored up to eternity.

Continue reading “Things that make you an Indian”

Just another feeling

Happiness is a feeling, being sad is a feeling but I feel Anger is also a feeling but it is not respected and accepted as it should be . Just imagine a person smiling ,do you like them ? sure you do. Now imagine the same person with a frown , I am sure you get no good vibes ,probably you are thinking that this person is somehow in someway wrong .Why is a person who seems angry judged as bad . I mean why don’t we accept this expression as we accept happiness and sadness . Continue reading “Just another feeling”

When you are feeling low

Dear person ,

You were made by god to have consciousness and I believe you have all sorts of sensations and feeling which make you feel alive . Sometimes you wish you were not created and at such times you should please read this

You are a beautiful person and there is no one like you

You are unique and no one ever was born like you and no one ever will be the person you are Continue reading “When you are feeling low”

Make someone’s day

I am mostly a secure person and I want to be treated equally because I try to treat everyone respectfully and equally . Language we all have learned , but reading someone’s expression comes inherent . When a person is judging you , you know the look on their face . Sometimes expression speak louder than words , and it’s easy to make someone feel a certain way then why not use it on a better side . I was so shaken today I tried sleeping , stuffing calories and I still can not get over it and I think crying will be my last resort. If i don’t like a person I will not talk to them and there are only a few , and some bully’s just like to step into your life and shake it up a little bit and remind you of all sorts of emotions you can feel .I don’t talk to you for a reason and if running down upon me makes you feel any better about yourself , congratulations  you’ve had a great life and welcome I came to your disposal . Continue reading “Make someone’s day”

Dear Sunday,

Yes Sunday the day of the week I wait for , jot down things to do on this day my attempt at being organised ,and then the same story repeats . organised, Planned , Specific these words are removed from my language centers . I have Saturday and Sunday off and I feel I am so ungrateful to these days , my existence is reduced solely to contributing Carbon Dioxide to the atmosphere , waste on mama Earth and splattering chunks of my DNA everywhere . Yes I am a waste producing unit on these days . Continue reading “Dear Sunday,”


Well I am a Hindu by birth but I am exploring it and I want to know more about it and I will commit to it the day I am fully aware

I am not an atheist I am just in the path .I respect when people follow their religion and it inspires me a lot . Religion is not just a way described to pray to god but religion is a lifestyle and its beautiful if you follow it. Continue reading “Faith”

7 things

Little things that can make a difference in your day .

#Thank : I was in fourth grade and a teacher whose name and face I still remember told us to take a moment everyday and thank god for the previous day you had and pray to have a good day,and I have been following it religiously till date when I wake up I say this prayer.

#Make someone you love happy: Sometimes people you love , their smile puts everything straight . Do something cook your mom a meal it works for me, mom’s happiness is directly proportional to mine Continue reading “7 things”

Lessons of life from a Canine

Who will not love a cute ball of fluff . If you don’t love animals especially a dog , me here yes I am judging you right now. Dogs were born to be loved . Well I have two little angels in my life , I cannot say I am the best parent but they are the people who complete my life.Sometimes when you are just rushing past life they make you pause and realize where you are going wrong , so here are a few things  I learnt from them and I am trying to practice.

#  When you love someone you overlook the flaws and accept them the way they are: no matter how hard I try to accept and appreciate people the way they are at a point I find myself judging them on the other hand, these little angels despite knowing the fact that not everyday is the same for me love me the same . Continue reading “Lessons of life from a Canine”