Fiction and Dreams

It’s 9:53 am and I just couldn’t stop but tell you my craziest dream . Well I slept at 4:30 am since I googled conspiracy theories not a very great idea now I have realized .My brain is already filled up with Hollywood’s idea of an apocalypse and to add to it conspiracy theories . Congratulate me as I am on level 90 of messing with my Circadian rhythm and so far I am unbeatable .

So here goes the dream :

I am talking to a grocery store owner and he is really friendly and we are having a good conversation , we are laughing and I say goodbye to him . I just left the shop and there are so many shops in one row and then parallel to it . This shop with the friendly uncle is the second last in a row I remember it because it is similar to the setting of shops near my house .So as soon as I reach the stairs of the last shop I see this group of people rushing in my direction they all are wearing orange colored robes and having a huge bamboo stick in their hands which is the typical representation of priests or religious people in our country . It’s not just me they are focusing on but it seems like these people are promoting their agenda . These people are so many in number that i cannot see the other end of the lane . So this man who seems the leader comes to me and is explaining something to me and we are sitting on the stairs of the last shop, we are talking but I do not seem so interested in his conversation and the we both get up from the stairs and we are still talking and the he moves back towards the crowd and I feel a lot of commotion in the crowd . Now I see a group of young teenagers among the crowd and they have swords in their hands and then everyone starts to fight and killing each other . These people with orange robes are using their bamboo sticks and going full ninja on the teenagers and these teenagers are going ruthless using their swords and piercing them through people . I go to the friendly uncle’s shop and people are being killed there too . So I am running in confusion to find somewhere safe and I am on the main road and it’s dark . There is this huge store which has 3 huge T.V.’s displayed on tables , like the T.V.’s from old times cube shaped T.V.’sand I go hide behind on one of them and then there is this metal painted guy he is tall and doesn’t belong to either of the groups . He has a gun and somehow I manage to get his gun and kill him and I am again moving towards that lane and things have slowed down and people are searching for a safe house , no people from any of the groups are visible now and I end up in this huge  room with a huge ceiling and everyone is there .

I don’t know what it was but it seems like a cool sci-fi movie . I don’t know who wins but it reminds me of how much Hollywood is embedded in our minds.



5 thoughts on “Fiction and Dreams

  1. I haven't read everything but I got to herseB:cauee many of these unions had a policy of taking leaders from the rank and file, there ended up being few big Jewish labor leaders.and had to point it out to make sure people didn't miss it.Thank God the IBEW isn't infested….


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