Baby Steps

There are days I just don’t want to get up . I feel I cannot handle anything . This blog I wanted it to be my sanctuary , a place where I could be positive ,but on such days  I just hate to read my own words . I feel I cannot pick myself up to be that positive and write the words . This is to my future self when I fall into that zone .

This year I have tried to get out of places . I am blogging here which was one of the things on my bucket list . I have tried to indulge myself into creativity . Things may not seem right but they do fall into the bigger plan . I turned into a vegetarian and I am still going strong saying no to my weakness . I stopped drinking tea and try to stay away from caffeine .

All times are not the same but I have tried to pick myself up . It’s not necessary for you to always be happy and be so radical .Take your time and just don’t run so fast take baby steps and you will be there

From “take your time”I remember how my friends tease me for using this phrase a lot to them, I do not like to rush people but when it comes to me I critique every word I say .

So yeah don’t be so hard on yourself

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