Just another feeling

Happiness is a feeling, being sad is a feeling but I feel Anger is also a feeling but it is not respected and accepted as it should be . Just imagine a person smiling ,do you like them ? sure you do. Now imagine the same person with a frown , I am sure you get no good vibes ,probably you are thinking that this person is somehow in someway wrong .Why is a person who seems angry judged as bad . I mean why don’t we accept this expression as we accept happiness and sadness .

Anger is a part of being happy and positive ,because it is the driving force which leads you to being positive . Now that so many people are being depressed and suicidal I feel the communication gap plays a part .If you are not happy with someone why not just tell them, and if a person is angry with you , you must understand that you play an important part in their life that led to the other person being angry .

Why is being angry bad? Why is it that if I am offended by something to which others are not ,Why am I bad? Why is it that my level of patience are lower than yours , I am bad?

Why don’t we accept an angry person , and try to understand that different people have different emotional triggers.If simply we listen to an angry person wait for them to calm down and then keep our point we will all be at peace.

I feel we are never talked to about anger during early years ,it just appears and we are taught not to be an angry person .But if we are taught how to focus our energies while being angry things would be a lot different.

Being said  that I feel everyone reading this would have thought that I am angry person ! 😀

It’s just that if you are close to someone and observe them daily you will realize all the good and bad and all the triggers . They just accept people to do things they expected them to , and when the other person fails them they feel they have the right to be angry because they think you love them equally the way they do.

If you observe you parents closely , at a certain age they loose their previous energies .They try to do things they did ten years ago with the same body and you can feel them being disappointed with themselves and being tired and not accepting the fact that their bodies have aged ,and this is the time I feel we should step in and make things a little easier .

All I want to say is that an angry person is not a bad person you just need to break down the emotional dynamics . If a person you love gets angry at you and the person holds importance in your life just give them a bear hug  and they will melt to tears.



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