When you are feeling low

Dear person ,

You were made by god to have consciousness and I believe you have all sorts of sensations and feeling which make you feel alive . Sometimes you wish you were not created and at such times you should please read this

You are a beautiful person and there is no one like you

You are unique and no one ever was born like you and no one ever will be the person you are

Someone somewhere loves you

If right now you are searching for who loves you , stop right now . You are created for some reason , god sent you for a purpose and he loves you and you must obey his plan by accepting yourself for who you are and loving yourself

I just want to tell you that no one has ever faced what you have faced in life and you have come here at this point because of such good and bad experiences

There were times you felt you could not survive , but you did . You have the power to handle the extremes you never knew you were capable of.

Stop underestimating yourself and placing people to decide what you are capable of , but I want to tell you you can move mountains if you wish to.

Don’t let people decide who you are . You have come here because you were supposed to learn a valuable lesson . This experience will shape you to be a better person and a wiser one . Just don’t blame , map your way to what lead you to be here . There is a reason to everything and you know that . If you find no reason you are not supposed to think about it and label it as a problem.

You have had happy times remember them for a second and you have had bad times remember them too. You have changed states to what you are right now , you are not meant to have your way . You need to set the odds aside and work for yourself . Nobody but you can help yourself

Take a deep breath and think what would be the worst thing that can happen and exhale , this thing you thought about is never going to happen.

Everything in nature is dynamic and if you think life will always be the same you are wrong . Nights are followed by sunshine and if you keep yourself high in your dark times you can outshine the sun

You can do everything you can imagine. You will survive through this and end up a winner , this is an experience take it positively and shape yourself .



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