Make someone’s day

I am mostly a secure person and I want to be treated equally because I try to treat everyone respectfully and equally . Language we all have learned , but reading someone’s expression comes inherent . When a person is judging you , you know the look on their face . Sometimes expression speak louder than words , and it’s easy to make someone feel a certain way then why not use it on a better side . I was so shaken today I tried sleeping , stuffing calories and I still can not get over it and I think crying will be my last resort. If i don’t like a person I will not talk to them and there are only a few , and some bully’s just like to step into your life and shake it up a little bit and remind you of all sorts of emotions you can feel .I don’t talk to you for a reason and if running down upon me makes you feel any better about yourself , congratulations  you’ve had a great life and welcome I came to your disposal .

If you have ever felt this way , I think it’s important that people around you never feel the same . Those ten muscles it takes you to smile won’t make you lose calories if they are put to use . So smile we can read it without words . Smile to make someone’s day. Smile because that human is from your own extended family . Smile and get a smile back . Smile because you are a good human .Smile because we love you . Smile because you are beautiful and unique.



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