Dear Sunday,

Yes Sunday the day of the week I wait for , jot down things to do on this day my attempt at being organised ,and then the same story repeats . organised, Planned , Specific these words are removed from my language centers . I have Saturday and Sunday off and I feel I am so ungrateful to these days , my existence is reduced solely to contributing Carbon Dioxide to the atmosphere , waste on mama Earth and splattering chunks of my DNA everywhere . Yes I am a waste producing unit on these days .

Thank you evolution , natural selection and God for keeping some systems in my body having autonomous regulation . So , I procrastinate most of the things but fun is not on the list of things to be held. So Saturday is the day to have fun so that in case the dose of fun is high I can make up for it on Sunday . So today I woke up at 9 am , felling like I have my life in control I get my notes and thumbs up . 15 minutes later the sky is so beautiful and everything is so poetic and I have a reason to doze off ,and then i am like okay take a chill it’s Sunday work can wait until breakfast is done because carbohydrates! So now breakfast is done and its time to start again , 10 minutes later this very good movie , how can I miss it because entertainment ! The movie ended and 4 hours ago and I have no explanation for these 4 hours of my life or other such hours on weekends.

So yes I beg the evolutionary forces to pardon me for being a unicellular organism on weekends.This post is my way to mark my mistakes and plan to set my priorities and be productive. Have a great week fellow Homo sapiens !



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