Well I am a Hindu by birth but I am exploring it and I want to know more about it and I will commit to it the day I am fully aware

I am not an atheist I am just in the path .I respect when people follow their religion and it inspires me a lot . Religion is not just a way described to pray to god but religion is a lifestyle and its beautiful if you follow it.

My idea of god is an energy which stops me from being inhuman . I believe that if I am at peace I am closest to my god. If I accept life and work with what I have and make it my best I am closest to my god . God is not limited , God is not bounded and so is religion .Anything which liberates me is my religion. .

Well there are a few incidents which made me question , where I was going with my beliefs.

A little introduction we have places where Muslim saints are buried and Thursday is the day when people light lamps at such places and some food and sweets are offered to the people visiting these places , and its just not Muslims , people of all religion believe in such places .So on a Thursday I went there with my father and there is this woman with a little kid , and there is a row of people waiting to put oil in the lamp and light incense sticks , so this lady pushes her kid across the people cutting the line and is dragging him , and then this little kid puts the oil . The lady then got the sweets being offered and is standing on the road for ten minutes with her husband chatting and enjoying her sweets  . What is the hurry lady , if you have come to pray  why not take your time . There are a lot more places to enjoy food . This competitive behavior made me doubt that do we really believe in god or are we just following the norms of society on how to be a good religious person . Why not just explore new ways of being a better person than following what other people feel is right .

Our scriptures are so extensive but at the end of the day a single word has different meanings for different people. Why wait for someone to tell you how to follow your religion when you have all time to explore it yourself.

I believe that god has given us lives so that we can prove how variation stabilizes a population , and exploring new paths is mandatory , who knows what you will discover on your journey. .

I respect all religions , I do decorate my Christmas tree , I do celebrate Eid , I do visit all religious places with an open heart , I am blessed to come across people from different religions and learn beautiful concepts each day .

Religions are different roads which have a common end , or should I say a common beginning.

“I do not mean any offence to any one “

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