7 things

Little things that can make a difference in your day .

#Thank : I was in fourth grade and a teacher whose name and face I still remember told us to take a moment everyday and thank god for the previous day you had and pray to have a good day,and I have been following it religiously till date when I wake up I say this prayer.

#Make someone you love happy: Sometimes people you love , their smile puts everything straight . Do something cook your mom a meal it works for me, mom’s happiness is directly proportional to mine

#Cleaning : Anything kept organised makes you happy . Disclaimer: I am not an organised person,but cleaning things is so satisfying, things do not stay the same for long but I am proud momentarily.

#Indulge: Sometimes we need to take it easy , take out some time watch a movie , binge on some calories do something you love and relaxes you . Well I brush my teeth (any time of the day),paint my nails, oil my hair etc and it calms me.

#Meditate : That day of the week when everything seems grey and you don’t know what is wrong ,meditation helps . Put on some soft music, dim the lights and deep breathe .Taking out all the thoughts in your mind with every breath and concentrate on your breathing. just five minutes will calm you.

#Love yourself: For those who think I am fat/I am thin/I am not perfect , let me tell you I wake up everyday looking like a tramp and I can spend the whole weekend looking like one .It’s good to be conscious about health and looks but we need to take a chill sometimes . Life is not a competition . Be proud of what you are accept your imperfections. Quoting Marilyn Monroe imperfection is beauty .Darling if you do not love the hairstyle your pillow makes you are doing it wrong.

#Take a walk: Taking a walk strolling around observing things you normally overlook , sometimes reminds you of good memories . Probably that kid with his mom reminds you of your sweet memories .

Joy is here you just need to open your eyes.





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