Lessons of life from a Canine

Who will not love a cute ball of fluff . If you don’t love animals especially a dog , me here yes I am judging you right now. Dogs were born to be loved . Well I have two little angels in my life , I cannot say I am the best parent but they are the people who complete my life.Sometimes when you are just rushing past life they make you pause and realize where you are going wrong , so here are a few things  I learnt from them and I am trying to practice.

#  When you love someone you overlook the flaws and accept them the way they are: no matter how hard I try to accept and appreciate people the way they are at a point I find myself judging them on the other hand, these little angels despite knowing the fact that not everyday is the same for me love me the same .

# Trust:When a little puppy arrives at you place they are scared the first night and eventually accept you as your parent ,just imagine being abducted one day to a foreign land where giants live and speak a language you never heard I think this is what a dog feel still they trust you and themselves.

# Forgiving : Once it happened while I was walking my dog there was crazy traffic that I stepped on her foot and I took her back home without noticing her foot bleed badly , and she still was licking my hand when I noticed I hurt her. She knew hurt her but forgave me . Do not take time to forgive people you love

# Confidence : Dogs are the only animals known to look directly in your eyes , and nothing can compare the warmth when they look at you . sometimes no language is required to have a conversation. They know you understand

Well there is a lot more to these little people than we know and are a better race than us humans.



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