Okay so throughout all our actions we are continuously having a conversation with ourselves. So like wherever you are in life right now you have a explanation for it , like you justify your actions blame it on destiny , karma , conditions we all do well I would love to tell you what I did

So we all have ambitions in life I wanted to get into a Medical School , and then there was a rigorous schedule where I had to be on my toes and I was present but though out this process I was more focused on planning and imagining things that I would do in future as in standing on the race track and wondering where I would place my trophy . So as you would have guessed I lost not once but three times . The first time I blamed it on destiny the second time on conditions and the last time I realized where I went wrong .

Passionate about science why I was following the crowd?  Science is my love and I was constantly standing where I started to label it as work?  Why did I wanted to prove myself on the stereotypes set by someone else? Why was I lying to myself all this while? fighting with myself?

Probably because I was looking for approval to be accepted.

No one can perfectly define love we all have different opinions .So I was basically rating my love trying to fit . If you love something genuinely you can make your own way to success ,there is never a single perfect defined way of doing things . So be your own pathfinder. Accept who you are know yourself better and then decide your success and failures.Love yourself and live your life doing what you love.If we all conform to the stereotypes HOW WILL WE BE DIFFERENT?

just imagine us all having the same names the same clothes just like an army of robots scary isn’t it .

99.9% of our genome is same and it’s more than enough similarity for our existence so be different




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